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AvatarUniversal Head

I suspect, now they’ve gone public, we’ll see more of that kind of thing in the future. To me, the best Kickstarter I ever backed was Wrath of Kings; that was amazing value. But I don’t think that kind of deal will happen again.

Still, I’m pretty happy to finally be able to get my hands on those SMOG designs in the scale they should have been made in originally. I should be getting my copy of the Smog 13th Hour game soon, that will be interesting to try out. But I’m seriously thinking of trying my hand at coming up with my own tabletop skirmish rules for them – maybe a variation of the Rise of Moloch rules, to keep things simple.

I just love the theme (possibly, in addition to my interest in Victoriana, because it reminds me of the old Charisma record label I often stared at as a child listening to Gabriel-era Genesis records):

Charisma label

Image from cvinyl.com