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Someone had a shot at translating…and some infos where from a french forum I think:

Confrontation – Resurrection takes place after the ultimate showdown. Factions are mutilated, disorganised, and roam on Aarklash seeking revenge and conquest. The armies of Light, Darkness and Destiny are tending to their wounds and preparing for new battles. Griffon, Ram, Boar, Immobilis, Sphinx, etc. Which banner will be able to gather its forces and lay waste to its foes?
From the shadows of the past to future alliances, a new chapter begins in the Confrontation.
Skirmish Game
Collection miniatures
Confrontation – Resurrection will consist in both a skirmish game and a boardgame, combining the pleasure of table top playing and beautiful collection miniatures. Developped by first-hour passionates, those projects are created in respect of the original work and in the continuity of the official background.
For this new journey in Aarklash, the editor rely on three pillars :
– respecting the awesome work of conceptors and artists that pleasured so much an entire generation of players and collectors.
– relying on the best expertises to produce the miniatures awaited by a demanding public.
– Listening to the great community of Confrontation(tm) players, who will be informed on a regular basis of the advancement of this new adventure.”

Creating buzz for sure…but most seem sceptical at this point…