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3 Players is a bit tricky. Terrain becomes even more importent because most times 1 will be cought between the other 2.
My Group is still trying to figure out more Scenarios with equal win conditions for 3 or 5 players.

With the controlling the stacks try the following: Devide the board into 3 equal areas…each club starts in one and has to controle the stack in the next area clockwise. The fourth is in the middle. At the end of turn each club scores points for having control of the stack in the clockwise area for 1…controling the middle one (most points in base to base for ties for example) for 2…and if you have a bigger game with more points you could give points to the club whose own stack is not under the opponents controle for 1. After a set amount of turns the one with the most points wins. Tends to avoid the 2vs1 game most 3 Player games evolve to.

Let me know what you think of it.