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It has an admittedly steep learning curve for anything more than just the most basic rules, but I love it.

Basic rules can be summed up as.

1. Move a guy
2. Opponent sees if any of his guys can see that guy move.
3. If they can, they declare a reaction to that guy, usually shoot.
4. The guy you moved Shoots back, or moves, or dodges.

That’s the common composition of a single “order” in Infinity. Each model in your army provides one order to spend on your turn. So, 10 guys = 10 orders. You can spend the 10 orders all on one guy, or split them up however you like.

Check out this excellent video series for a more thorough introduction.

LOL, Peter. I actually debated making a similar comment. 🙂 It’s been a while since I watched your first report for Infinity, and I remember there being some talk about the rules. I should go back and watch that again for fun. 🙂