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Endure the Stars has arrived.

Core box is bulging at the seems. Pity the miniatures in that aren’t in the usual plastic trays, but just bagged and dropped in the box, although admittedly you’d need a very big box with so many miniatures.

Cybernetic Onslaught, Variant Gender Survivors, Primus and Kickstarter Crew are all in plastic trays however.

Initial impressions are good. Thick cardboard (not the flimsy CMON stuff) on player mats and map tiles. Same with tokens.

Survivor miniatures suffer the same issue as the Conan heroes. Light grey plastic does not reveal the detail as well as the dark grey used for the villains. Hoping that will be dealt with by painting, if I get around to it, as I have a big list of stuff to paint. Won’t be painting the villains as there are 135 miniatures just for the bad guys.

Missions look varied and there are 20 (plus a tutorial mission) with a campaign structure (3 campaigns make up the 20 missions).

Not sure when I’ll get this on the table, but I have a week off in march and hoping for a trip to play some games then. Might take this with me.