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AvatarUniversal Head

Motivations kind of annoy me. While they’re a clever mechanic on the surface, I think they’re very dry thematically, and conveniently absolve the publisher (and players too, of course) of coming up with interesting scenarios. And as I’ve said many times, the fiddliness of them irritates me, the way a lot of them add counters to figures.

Love that tip about creating multiple threats, it really opens up the gameplay for me. I got too fixated on worrying about who goes first when units approach each other, when of course it’s not like your opponent is going to go first everywhere if they win initiative.

I really have to study the units more, to remember things like getting into position for those one-on-one Ashmen fights.

Keep the ideas coming! I wish I had more time to study the game but so many games vie for my time, so it}s great to get tips from more experienced players.