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Also I do have an official reply to my question over on BGG.

From what I remember about the expansion development – the number of adventure cards in hand is a little tricky, because 1 is not enough to make the mechanics meaningful enough. 2 works just fine in 2-3 players, but I can see it’s a little too much in 4 players.

Originally, the mechanics used 1 card only. When it was changed to 2 cards, we playtested it (but mostly in 3 players games), and I guess we did not realize it could make the game too short in 4-player games.

I think only allowing the “sudden death” in the 3rd age would be a positive change. Or, as Christoffer suggests, removing the rule completely in 4 player games.

Amado (lead playtester):
After having discussed with the game designers, they agree that the rule could be reverted to the playtest variant we previously used as a possible fix, if this issue is coming up in your games:

Page 9, under Drawing and playing Story Cards.
In two-player games, a player may never have more than three Story cards in hand (two in a three-player game, and one in a four-player game).