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Hello again, fellow strategists!

Well, I played a coupled more WoK games since my last post here and have a few insights about the game to share.

1) Army List composition= Always, ALWAYS, bring ranged units.
I got demolished by a ranged-heavy Shael Han list. There were 5 in all in a battle-sized game (2x Shield of Taelfon, 1 Fulung Devourer, 1 Winterhawk, and 1 Deathbloom). All of this was pitted against my melee-only (mostly ashmen-composed) army.

2) Choose an all-purpose MAIN list.
Since you can’t really control your motivations (in a competitive scenario you cannot repeat any and you have to play 5 games with the same list, while only swapping the options list between games), be sure to have a wide range of choices built in the main list, not the options list. That is, always main list ranged models and leave melee models in the options list.

3) Positioning is key and with malice, most effective!
After dice rolls, the most important aspect of the game is to control who can engage who. Therefore, take full advantage of board-manipulating skills to position high priority models within range of your threats. Units that appear to be melee are great! Take the Wrath or Pelegarth Brutes, for instance. They are great at seemingly sneak an attack given they can choose a model behind the most likely threat right in front of them. Surprise combined attacks on unsuspecting victims taste sweetest, specially if they happen to be the (often) assisting leader.

Now about the points you guys made earlier.
#1 CK Lai did point out that magic or will attacks can be effective vs defenses, but not so strong against high resilience models as they still require multiple hits to damage them. It is easier to hit but ranged attacks tend to have very few dice each (1 or 2). So I generally tend to target resilience 1 models until I have thinned the herd a bit.
#2 The Universal Head would be most pleased with the skirmish scenarios created by other mini games such as Infinity by Corvus Belli. Their campaign mode adds value to key surviving models who can level up between games and offers great variations on motivations such as crossing and exiting the board with loot or an artifact. Therefore, creative players may find the inspiration to adapt them to WoK…

How about your most recent games? Any news from you? Let us keep the conversation going. I’m loving reflecting on games and possibilities in this thread. Keep it up.

Over and out.