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I have quite some WWX minis and I really like the rules,minis and fluff (they have novels…looove my fluff in novels!). The card thing is an old controversy. I like good looking stat cards with easy to spot info on them as much as anyone…but the balancing problem for me is more importent to enjoy the game in the long run. And to be fair…yes printer ink is not cheap…but for the models in your box you need 1-2 A4 prints to cover it. In a sleeve the difference is not that bad. And if you like the game…getting them in a copy shop in top quality and laminated will be a couple of bucks. Should you fall for the game…well…then it will be much more than “just” 25 bucks 😉 But to have the ability do change a card…if need be multiple times…to get the balance right in an evolving game with hundreds of different minis…I find that a great benefit.

Oh…there is a posse generator…I think in the forums…that lets you build your posse and gives all the needed stats in one go…you should try that. And I would love to hear how you like the stuff yourself! Have fun!