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AvatarCK Lai

@UH: thanks! I might move over to WordPress later on. I much prefer the layouts available there compared to Blogger. But then, one is paid and the other isn’t, so… let’s see.

Painting: actually, those AREN’T my minis… but you’re right, I have lots of painting to do!

: Thanks! About Alkemy: the Blitz mode is only 180 points, and runs to an average of 6-8 minis per side on a 2 x 2 table. Gameplay is scenario driven. You can “save” your model’s Action Points for later use, or even to defend against an attack by making a counter attack. Lastly each player uses “tactic cards” in an attack. Different attack modes give different bonuses/penalties, so there’s an element of bluff and counter bluff there. “If I use this, I’ll get this bonus, but if he counters with that, he’ll negate my bonus, so should I use this other one instead?” And the minis are pretty good for an almost-dead game 🙂