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@CK Lai thank you for the inspiration to write down my first batrep. I just posted it here on the forum in the hopes others will be encouraged to take the time as well.

At this point with WoK, I think I can do well enough with the synergies of most of my units as Nasier. The trouble is learning what counters what. Case in point being my last game was a grueling experience for the Shael Han player mostly due to not entirely knowing that certain units lose their special ability when pitted against suboptimal defense charts. For example, using Legionnaires melee attacks against units without parries is far from ideal. My opponent should have used the inspire off of the D Legion Guard to blast them with magic instead as there was no chance of backlash. Also, pitting the Fulung Devourer against a single target is a waste of his abilities. His enlightenment aura and Spear of Light would have wreaked havoc on my side of the push.
So, the lesson I’ve learned from this last game is to allow your opponent some lee way and get away with achieving some of their motivation, IF that allows you to do the same, elsewhere. The game will always require you to kill some stuff regardless of the motivation you are after.

I wonder how the new units will impact my current understanding of the game flow. Any thoughts on the new units yet?

Keep the games coming!

Zolantar signing out.