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Thanks for the new summary Peter. Like you, I’ve got a soft spot for MoM 1e. I bought everything, including the PoD adventures, and never played a 10th of it. I would very much like to see those scenarios ported to the 2e app, but the way FFG has been changing since the Asmodee merger, I don’t hold a lot of hope for that.

Interesting thing that you commented on; The miniatures, which I found quirky and charming in 1e, look extremely tacky and puerile in 2e. Lump that in with monster stands that just wont take the cardboard tokens, and I ended up dissatisfied with the component quality of 2e, especially for the hefty price. FFG CS assured me that the bases function ‘within expectations’. Obviously, nobody there has broken out a retail copy to actually confirm that…