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Agreed, too much housekeeping for one game, and if you put a single card in the wrong spot during setup, you could inadvertently blow the whole scenario before you’d even started.

It seems the majority of 2e owners are buying aftermarket bases. That really sticks in my craw. This was not a cheap game, I daresay it’s overpriced for what you actually get, but I acknowledge that’s a subjective statement.
To have to turn around and re-engineer the game on your own coin because the supplied bases are (a) not a visually appealing component and (b) can’t do what they are intended to do because FFG have screwed the mold between 1e and 2e just makes my blood boil… more so because of FFGs indifference to the design/manufacturing fault

(I’ll get down off my /rant soapbox now, promise) 🙂