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I looked at some playthroughs of GH, and while the game seems interesting, it does look pretty fiddly.

I also am trying to cut back on new game buying (although I backed Rise of Moloch and Rising Sun already this year).

I certainly will say that “The Cult of the New” is not always better. As a matter of fact, after the “newness” wears off – alot of times those games end up being inferior to stuff that it already out there.

Example – i just recently bought Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery. This game was released in 2012.
This is an absolute fantastic gem of a game….but it has no buzz because it is not “new” anymore.

I’ve also had a sealed copy of Knizia’s Lord of the Rings Fantasy Flight Silverline Edition on my shelf for a few years. I finally watched several playthroughs of the game – and it looks REALLY good!!
What did i do today – I broke the seal, put the tokens in a small plano box, pimped it out with LOTR Heroclix hobbits (not sure yet which miniature i am going to use for Fatty) – and I plan on playing it this week with my gaming group.