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Not old exactly, but I had Blood Rage for a year before I got to play it and when I did found out what I was missing. Only played as two player so far, but it’s a lot of fun.

Same with Thunderbirds. Tried a solo when I got it. Played it recently (same day as I got Blood Rage off the shelf) and enjoyed it. Lot of planning and talking, which is good… games are social and if all you’re doing is think about tactics, you’re missing out on the social aspect.

Found the Pathfinder Adventure Card app and that was great fun as a solo. Dug out the Rise of the Runelords box now and plan to try the card game again…. only ever got two adventure sets into it before and now I want to finish… despite having to shuffle lots of cards in decks of ten or less…

We get so hooked on backing games or buying them that we sometimes forget to play them…