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AvatarUniversal Head

Oh Ralf, Ralf … come on over and sit down here and tell us all about it. The first step to understanding you have a problem is to share it with like-minded addicts …

First of all, lovely paint jobs! Secondly, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be our window of understanding into this new system. To be honest, I’ve managed – surprisingly easily – to avoid temptation with this one. Here are the reasons:

– I really don’t need yet another tabletop fantasy wargame.
– I’m not overly excited by either the generic fantasy background or the figures.
– I’m not enticed by a system that seems to have a lot of fiddly dials and tokens.
– To get decent armies together will cost a fortune.
– I’m concerned FFG will drop it if it doesn’t meet their fiscal projections.

But I am interested in hearing your experiences with it, because I may be completely wrong. So please keep us posted!