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AvatarUniversal Head

Well we played Android yesterday – a 4 player game that took more than 5 freakin’ hours!

And I’m so sorry ShadowClipse, but I was really inimpressed.

Yes, we probably should have broken it into two sessions as you suggested, because it did drag. But to me, it felt like a bolted-together Frankenstein of different game mechanics, held together with a clunky assemblage of thematic text and cliched storylines.

Note that some minor spoilers follow if you haven’t read any of the plots.

I found that none of the plots went anywhere particularly interesting. As Blaine, I was continually having to spent time and effort taking bloody Sara out somewhere just to get a favour. A lot of my light cards didn’t seem to have enough pay off to justify the effort. I was annoyed at Caprice’s plotline, which basically made her sanity dependent on whether her man Daniel loved her or not. Floyd’s plot didn’t really go anywhere. I didn’t get any particular sense of stories developing, and by the end we were fed up with reading out the disjointed snippets of text anyway.

The conspiracy puzzle concept was very undermined by the 4VPs you get for just joining up 5 tiles in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction, which felt very gamey. The winning player (Floyd) got a heap of points from just getting a bunch of Haas tokens for 3 VP each. I got both of my hunches right but came in second-last.

But my greatest problem is with the main system, which basically just consists of visiting board spots, moving a counter, and putting a number counter on a suspect. This kind of boring busy-work really reminded me of Kevin Wilson’s recent debacle The X- Files. There’s really no game in doing such things.

There’s no way of knowing who is going to win until all the points are counted up at the end (a real bugbear of mine). There was no build up of tension, or even much ‘fun’ – we were zooming through latter half of the second week as we were all getting bored. The only meaningful interaction was when players played Dark cards on each other, which could feel a bit vindictive at times.

Anyway, I’m sorry to say I just didn’t see the attraction of Android, and I can’t quite imagine it coming down off the shelf again.

I am going to slightly update my summary sheet to fix some things, however.