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(Chorus) Hi Ralf! ;-P

First of…stunning minis!

I am also tip-toeing around….because this game does something I always wanted in a tactical minis game. You do not now what your opponent will do in advance! I wrote in another forum some 18 months ago that my dreamgame would have something like the dial system from x-wing. And this one has it finally! In my oppinion “I do all of my actions with all of my stuff…then you do all your actions with all the stuff you have left over” is not an option. “I go – you go” and some “reaction based varients” are much better…but you still see clearly what and when your opponent is doing something….and can plan accordingly. With the dials you have to think hard and outthink your opponent much more…what do I commit to achieve a certain goal…because I do not know that I do not kill this unit with my unit last turn….I have to have a plan B or C if it fails…and so on…that has great impact on the game…if you fail it could ruin your plans…if you suceed it might win the game…so much more anticipation…and meaning…not only dice roles decide…you do…and with all that…ultimatly…I imagine…MORE FUN!

But UH has some valid points…with mainly the money reason holding me back tbh…so please tell us what you expirenced with the game when you have played it…and what you think of the dials system! Thank you in advance! 🙂