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I’ll gladly accept the mission. 😀

Let’s start with my background and reasoning for getting the game … okay apart from the 90% blind, impulse driven lack of self-control.

– I’m not generally a big tabletop player. I’ve always eyed the genre with longing and respect, but never really gotten into it. My most played miniatures game is probably X-Wing. As such I don’t have pre-existing armies that want to be played (fleets may be another matter though).
– I don’t have a regular opponent who would paint and collect his own army. Therefore I need a game that can be used to play a quick skirmish out of the box.
– Generic is good for me. I like the classics and would rather field an “Orc army from the Broken Plains” than the “Splatterers of Xz’kraargll the thrice-doomed Wurble of Kdsform”. That way I can better project my own imagination on these battles.
– In general I don’t find the price point too bad. €90 gives me 48 minis and 2 (granted, small) armies that can be used to play skirmishes. Looking at Wrath of Kings, a “Battle of Ravenwood” starter box retails at $60, but gives me only 15 minis. Age of Sigmar is €100 for 47 minis.
– I dislike the d6 orgies some of the GW games are. I looked closely at the GW Lord of the Rings game some time ago and really didn’t like the rules. Runewars seems to take a better approach with their custom dice, re-rolls and so on.
– I love the flightpath system as used in X-Wing and prefer it over using measuring tape.