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Well, let’s see …

The very first contact (I think) was with Man O’War in the Nineties. A friend bought the box, didn’t really like it and gave it to me (yes, he’s a very generous person). The ship minis were too expensive for me back then, so I scratch-built lots of ships from paper and toothpicks and painted them. We played it quite a lot back then, and the minis still have a proud space in my display case, even though I don’t have anyone to play it with anymore.

At the time I got generally interested in Warhammer Fantasy and bought a couple elf units, painted exactly one elven knight and then lost interest. I’ve occasionally watched a game at a convention or store event and been generally less then enthused with the rules and the play styles I saw. Worst example: Two guys take an hour to set up two huge (but mostly unpainted) armies. First turn, the one guy charges his big griffon-mounted hero center piece straight into the front line of his opponent. They roll dozens (or so it seemed at the time) d6s. Then the hero is dead, its owner is dismayed by his bad luck and concedes the game. Whaa?

About ten years later I got interested in a German 15mm hex-based game, called Demonworld. I liked it because the 15mm scale allowed lovely big army units (and it had a classic, generic fantasy background). I bought a few orc units, painted one unit and some heroes, but couldn’t find anyone to play. I still have the makings of an army lying around unpainted. I think the models are awesomely detailed for their size, full of character.

A long time of not painting any miniatures followed, until I got the War of the Ring and decided to paint all the pieces. That was much fun, but I longed for some better miniatures, so I bought some of the (then fresh) LotR line from Games Workshop – the early line was some of the best sculpting work I’ve ever seen, IHMO. Their Balrog is the largest mini I’ve ever painted. I checked out the accompanying rules and entertained giving them a try, but never really liked what I read.

So Runewars is not my first rodeo, but one were the accessibility of the rules and manageable playtime promise to get my non-miniature-enthusiast friends to the table occasionally.