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Hey Ralf, love the painting work mate, keep going! I find once you get into a rhythm you can churn through it (but if you’ve painted all of the WOTR figures as I have you know that). My preferred method is to set up the table, get a bottle of red and put a suitable book on Audible, then do production line painting one colour at a time for an hour. When that gets dull I move onto detail on one or two figure types.

Mind you, Peter’s videos on painting (especially the one he did recently for Rum ‘n’ Bones) will give you all the tips anyone needs to get to a standard I find acceptable – as we’ve noticed, getting detail perfect at 2 or 3 times magnification is pointless because when they’re on the table you’re viewing them from at last a foot or two away. Bold contrasts seem to work better than subtlety!

As for playing your old games, love to, but I think if you look around you you’ll actually find plenty of people willing to give it a go. I persuaded half a dozen blokes from my soccer team to play Spartacus on our end-of-season trip last year, and now they can’t get enough of it. Bit of a leap to Runewars tabletop from there, but there’s usually one who’s prepared to give it a go. Best of luck!