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Hi Unihead,

This very much has me discouraged that you feel like you wasted your time! I’m sorry that the experience was not what you or the players were hoping for. Why didn’t you stop after the first half of the game when nobody was having fun? I can only take the blame for convincing you to try it, so please don’t hold it against me!

I can’t speak for a 4 player game, but my 3 player games have been enjoyable for me and my friends. I’m glad you at least gave it a real try. I was hoping you’d try what I did before my first multi-player game: a trial run as a solo experience. It gave me a better feel for everything before bringing in a big party in. If I hadn’t done that first, I may have been frustrated and overwhelmed and not understanding the bigger picture. Also with my solo play, I left it on the table and played in small bite-sized sessions over several days. This kept me from getting too overwhelmed and I was able to better absorb all the details. Having that deeper level of knowledge about the game world made things much easier when other players joined me for a real game. I could then treat my role as more of a host or a GM in an RPG. It allowed me to make sure the story and everything else made cohesive sense. When the players finally joined me, we only played the first half of the game and completed the second half of the game in our next game session (7 days later). My group really enjoys playing RPG’s and games that tell immersive and descriptive stories, so maybe all those factors are what made a difference for us.

Seems like this game has a very hard division line. You either like it or your don’t, there is no in-between. It’s been said in many forums that this game is not for everyone, so all players must understand what they are getting into before investing the time. It might also depend on what kind of games you enjoy. Some folks like tactical combat, dice rolling games. Others like abstract strategy, Euro-style victory point driven games. I’m a well-rounded gamer in all of those categories, but others are strict dice rolling brawlers and won’t touch a game like this. Game experiences usually depend on the group you are playing with, which means if one person is not enjoying the game it can affect everyone at the table. Also if everyone at the table is overwhelmed or confused and not understanding complexities, then it’s definitely going to be a bad experience.

Again accept my apologies for your sub-par experience with this game.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.