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I know… but I thought the inverse one vs many was worth a mention.

One of my players would never choose to be the one… too much like being a GM… but given the choice of being a pseudo GM or the one would put him in a dilemma.

As I said… I’m watching, but it would have to inspire me to get me to back it. Recently I asked for refunds and/or cancelled pledges because I was backing stuff I didn’t really want and now I’m trying to get control of my wallet again.

I dropped out of Alternity 2.0 RPG which is a game system I liked because it was struggling to fund (it did, but not by much) and they wanted a lot for shipping to UK.

Drowned Earth I’m in for £2, but think I’ll drop it before the end as I know I’ll want miniatures and £100 for rules, plus two factions of five (and one bonus mini) is a lot.

Hab Block I’m still in, but only the low pledge and I’ll need to see more free stuff to stay in the campaign.