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The comment about the weapons is really tongue in cheek and a minor irritation (the bow is a pet peeve of mine). It’s not about realism, but how convincing the figure is. Take a look at the Undead hero, Ardus. The antlers on his helmet are absolutely unrealistic and hilarious, but his pose has energy and looks believable, doing a double strike with his axes.

Kari here on the other hand… what is she doing? She’s doing an energetic step forward, but why is she holding out that sword as awkwardly as she does? Why are her clothes billowing as wildly as they do? The pose just doesn’t make much sense in its composition. Do you think she’s a good mini?

Mind, I’m just nitpicking on a figure in a set that I overall like very much – in case I haven’t made that clear enough with all the painting I’ve been doing! 😀

By they way, the sculptor has done a good job in sticking to the concept art:
Kari concept art