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AvatarUniversal Head

Perhaps I should clarify myself a bit better – my opinions are entirely my own. 🙂

We’re almost always positive around here Soulsorceror, and I too would like to keep it that way. But also, I don’t want to dissuade anyone from having passionate opinions, as long as they can back them up with good reasoning.

Otherwise we get that kind of wishy-washy ‘everything is wonderful’ discourse that personally, I find dull, uninteresting, and unproductive. I used to comment on Tabletop News until any kind of (what they called) negativity there was pretty much banned, and the site turned from a fun place to visit full of interesting characters to a dull site with hardly any discussion at all.

I must say though, I certainly don’t feel the need to accord any game publisher my respect unless they earn it. If we all take what we’re given without any passionate feedback (for example, what’s with the giant FFG boxes these days? The new one for Android Netrunner’s Terminal Directive is taking packaging air to a new level!) the industry will go downhill, fast.

That said, I will always put an immediate stop to any kind of personal insults or unnecessary argumentiveness. We want passionate, interesting, informed conversation, not abuse of any kind.

One last thing – sorry if I offended you with the use of the word shit. I’m an Australian, and, speaking extremely generally, Australians tend to use swear words pretty lightly to emphasise what we’re saying. 🙂