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Ah well then…another lesson for a non-nativ english speaker….and a bit of the usual “reading only” drawback….no voice and gestures to go along. I will try to remember the fine differences in beeing “shit” in the future πŸ˜‰

And yes..it is a positive place around here…the reason I do actually take part in…I donΒ΄t do that much.
And I too find it very important to have passionate opinions you can back up with good reasoning. But I also believe that arguments should be held in a respectfull way….a thing that is very often not the case…especialy on the internet.
And that was the kind of respect I was talking about…not for what they do with ther products ect…more in the way we should treat each other. Not sure if I express that right in english…but hope its understandable.