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Soooo..on the topic of the sculpt beeing shit…what makes it so in your eyes. I have a bit of a problem with the quality part…besides the actual material…what makes a quality sculpt…and what does not. I have no art backround what so ever.

For me…this one has a rare pose…quite dynamic…which is a plus in my book. I imagine her standing on top of a small rock…looking down on the battlefield…wind blowing….or without the base…standing in front of a huge beast getting its foul smelling roar right into her face. Might not be the most generic pose…but what makes it shit?

And also…this is a fantasy world…so with magic and strange races ect. I find it difficult to take arguments about “realistic” as valid. It might be magic that swirles unnatural around here….or she is not a standard human…so the physic is a bit different…and so on.

Lastly…what if the sculptor just took a bit of artistic freedome to make it more dynamic…and less realistic in regards of the wind blowing into the clothes for example? When is it good…when bad?

And to come around to my starting comment. I find that most often…if someone does not like a sculpt…its “backed” with “this or that beeing unrealistic” reasons..and those same reasons are overlooked if the sculpt is liked.
I do not have a problem with “I do not like it”…but with “reasons” that are no reasons more often than not.

Sorry…quite long…but hopfully understandable what I want to express.