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Concerning Kari Wraithstalker’s pose: For me, a good sculpt shows the figure doing something right in the moment, like swinging a weapon, nocking an arrow, surveying the battle field, etc. I can’t see that in Kari. She looks like she is balancing with those arms spread out, but the stance doesn’t match that. I would imagine if she had been modeled like she was landing from a jump, with only one foot on the ground, leaning a little forward, she would look much better to me. At least it would explain her billowing clothes.

There is a second pose for the cavalry (the other two figures have it), but it’s not very different. You can see it here. They’ve done poses so that you can have all different ones on each tray (i.e. four different ones for the infantry, two for the cavalry). It would be trivial swap one rider to the other type of horse to have 4 unique figures, but the difference is so small that I didn’t bother.

The bases are all flat (except for the heroes). I’added bird sand, small rocks and static grass to these.

The interlocking bases fight together pretty snugly. It gets mentioned that they can be a bit of a problem to remove in the game, and generally people seem to leave the empty ones on the table unless it would make a difference game-wise (normally you remove them when they are empty, but it’s not always important, as you do so from the back).