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AvatarCK Lai

“And it’s another game where all four heroes are needed… prefer one character per player than running multiple heroes. Sadly, most solo/coop are designed that way. Zombicide is a bad offender, needs 6+ heroes most of the time.”

It’s a kind of tough balance for game designers.

On the one hand, folks are clamouring for a true co-op, so designers design characters that specialise and rely on one another to fill in the gaps, so to speak. That ends up the solo player running around 2-3 characters so you don’t get killed halfway through a game because you didn’t have a tank around when you needed one.

Plus it’s also a whole lot more work to balance scenarios for 1-2 players vs 3-4 players. Not saying it can’t be done, but if there’s 2 different set-ups for different player counts… I dunno. I’m not a game designer, so what do I know?

Can’t think of any co-op dungeon crawlish game that scales well from 1 to 4 player characters… although I’d love to be proven wrong 🙂