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I know it’s a tricky balance, but I feel more involved in the game when I’m not running multiple characters.

Imperial Assault and Descent coop get around it by giving extra health and additional activations, which works ok. Solo still needs two characters though, but two better than four or more.

Mansions of Madness 2 makes the enemies tougher with more players. It’s kind of a dungeon crawler… mansion creeper?

The work around in those seems to be player activation then AI activation, rather than all players activate and then AI afterwards.

The following are not dungeon crawlers, but good solo/coop games.

Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror can work with one character, but it makes the game harder.

Elder Sign is less immersive, being a dice game, but the solo on that is good, but again it’s hard running a single character. The App works better with two, three or four, as you can pick and choose which investigator to assign to tasks.

This War of Mine is due soon and that has taken a different approach, as it seems to be a solo game with coop as an add-on.