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I just downloaded the Conan rules and cards from Drive Thru RPG. I figured what the heck – if the CROM rule system is good, it can be another alternative game to play with all my Conan Monolith miniatures (as 8th Pagan had suggested). The only thing is to be able to download the (4) free files – you have to create an account with Drive Thru RPG. I think the only things missing are the special dice (of which d6’s can be substituted) and the “real” CROM miniatures which can be EASILY proxied if one has the Monolith Conan game.

I took a look at what the prices are for the Conan Rise of Monsters KS – and because of several reasons i will not be purchasing it (price too high for what you get, I already have the Monolith Conan game with several expansions, I already downloaded the rules and cards for the CROM game, etc.)

I am a HUGE fan of Conan – but I dont think i need another Conan miniatures game….as it is I also have the Age of Conan boardgame and expansion!!