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AvatarUniversal Head

I’ve only played it once, but I really enjoyed it. It’s co-op. Each thief has a special ability and you have actions that allow you to move through each level of the building, peaking at cards before moving onto them if you want, avoiding alarms and the wandering guards, in an attempt to find the safe on each level. Once you find the safe you have to roll a combination of numbers to crack it. Then everyone has to make it to the roof and away. There are some nice extras that make it tricky – the guards get fast aas you progress through their movement decks and you climb the building; there are camera rooms that let them see you on multiple levels; locks you have to pick by rolling a die etc etc. But you only move a guard when you’re on its level, so you can control the chaos to some extent.

I think it’s fun and worth picking up. And the graphic design is excellent. Fans of randomness should steer clear though, as there’s a lot of dice rolling and card draw.