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I had the chance to play 3 games on Saturday, at a club event. We were 4 players and has the time to all play each other. I won two games, one against another Undead army and one against the humans, while I lost the third against the second Daqan (human) army.
Undead vs Undea

All three games were very different and strongly (and pretty equally) determined by
a) army composition
b) setup (including scenario and terrain choices)
c) in-battle tactics
Luck played a role too, but wasn’t really a deciding factor.

I have now about a dozen games under my belt, though only 1 true “full” battle at points – two of Saturday’s were 150 points. And I stand by my impression that this really is an excellent game – tactical depth, meaningful choices, varied game play, and very manageable play time (even the 200 points battle didn’t last longer than 2 hours). Maneuvering is very important, flanking a unit can be devastating, cavalry is fast and archers must be protected to be effective. Just as it should be.
Reanimate archers devastate a big spearmen unit

Of course whether you like the minis or not (and all the components on the table) comes down to taste. Luckily I really love them. For me the everything looks great on the table when painted (but then I’m not spoiled by wonderful custom-build tables – yet), and with 200 points your army really feels like a substantial force on the field of battle.
200 point armies facing off

Finding players remains a concern, my loyal buddies are not into collecting and painting minis and will only play occasionally with me, and there is no significant “scene” yet. We’ll see whether that improves with the upcoming elves and demon-worshipper factions, with both seem to appeal to a certain section of players.

More photos from the even can be found here.