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Game is fast and fun…have some of the old minis and backed the last Vesper-On KS. The new minis seem to be one piece…so for me most of them lack the dynamic pose I expect of a self proclaimed “cinematic” TT. But I will see what the stretch goals will do to the pledges regarding value…maybe then I will hope on.

On the other hand…they resculped a ton of minis in a short time…and all are available at once…and then some new ones on top….crazy amount of stuff. Canยดt say they do not work hard. And they seem to listen to backers feedback…if sensible.

Oh…an one very remarkable thing for a KS: FLATRATE SHIPPING WITH INSANLY LOW PRICING!!! Thats a plus in my book…hope they do not hurt themself with this!

So…maybe I will just back that anyway to support them for their effort.