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Well, the Let’s Play video is indeed a lot better than the old one. The minis are truly beautiful, I’m just a little concerned that I haven’t seen a true pre-production copy. The ones in the video are prototypes (different material used) and the KS only shows renders. With the fine detail of the sculpts, the material will be important, much more so than Runewars with its bolder and simpler sculpts.

The gameplay still leaves me cold (Runewars’ seems much more interesting to me), but the minis… man, the minis. The paintjobs shown are amazing too – way beyond what I can ever hope to accomplish – and that seems to mean they are aiming at a more experienced collector/painter market. Runewars tries to appeal to newcomers with its fairly simple paintjobs, tutorials and emphasis on quick-shading. On the other hand, ASoIaF helps non-painters with the differently-colored plastic. That’s really something they should have done for RW!