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I am taking a wait and see approach to ASoIaF – Tabletop Miniatures Game. While I LOVE the IP, I am not particularly fond of tray movement.

Initially I was pretty a “no” for backing this game.
Then after watching the Watch it Played video, it did get me a little more interested in the game mechanics.

ASoIaF seems like a more streamlined Warhammer Fantasy Battles game. If it garners more stretch goals that actually have play value (not the alt. sculpts!!) – you may get a KS game that can be very playable out of the box that is fairly easy to set up and has no miniature assembly (which is a BIG plus for me). Because CMON KS exclusives are almost never released by them in retail – you can probably sell the ks alt. sculpts to defray some of the cost of the game.

I have not even played my Battles of Westeros game yet – because i have not glued the mini’s to their bases (I know that is pretty lazy, but i just am not into the “modeling” aspect of the hobby). That is one of the reasons why AT-43 and Confrontation Ragnarok appealed to me so much (the pre-painted minis).

So I will be watching this KS closely till the end, and make a decision at that point whether or not to buy in!