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I suspect that FFG will release Legion in a similar manner to X-Wing.

Core box + 4 units/heroes initially

Every few months another 4 units/heroes boxes.

Maybe once a year they will release some bigger boxes.. vehicles or campaign packs.

And of course they will throw some battlemats out there along with extra dice, movement tools etc.

Price wise, I’d expect the units to be priced similarly to Imperial Assault, perhaps a bit more for units as it looks like 5 figures per unit, not 3 which is more common in IA.

As for the rules… I suspect the only way to get them will be the core box.

And although we can use existing figures in our collections to bolster the ranks, we won’t have the cards as they will be packaged with the miniatures. However, you can always double up on the units by sharing a card and proxying with the IA (or other) stormtroopers, rebels, etc.

Would be nice if, like the IA box, some figures were represented by tokens, but their cards were included.