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Sent them 6 emails over the last 10 days and they have not replied to any of them regarding my refund request.

From the comments section it seems that everyone who has received the RRI has been short changed on KS extras.

Already there are mutterings about promises to deliver ‘ALL’ KS extras and as they’re not delivering in the land of many lawyers, I think it’s only a matter of time before someone starts legal action. Now… if we all got together and did one massive legal case against them….

Edit: They finally replied to my refund request and denied it, quoting terms and conditions saying no refund within 8 weeks of shipping. They quote 1st October as UK fulfillment shipping date.

Not sure what I’ll do when it arrives. So f***ing annoyed with the c**ts that I may perform a ritual burning…

I edited out the swearing for those of a delicate disposition.

However… to quote the works of Douglas Adams… ‘Belgium’!