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I expect kickstarters to be late and I’d be shocked if it was on time.

Damaged components happen in any game, not just kickstarters.

Missing stretch goals are annoying, but not the end of the world if the game is still playable.

The game being sent out out without the retail box that was promised (everything stuck in the stretch goal box it seems) is wrong.

Every single game being sent out with the same missing components as either gross incompetence or downright dishonest.

Lying to over 40% of your customers about their game being on the ship is totally unacceptable.

Ignoring your backers complaints for two weeks while you sell product that should be going to them makes, them look like total c**ts that don’t give a f**k about backers.

So… yes… I am angry.

It doesn’t help that when I go to their website to contact customer services there’s a picture of their ‘new employee’ with such a smug expression that I just want to punch his f**king lights out!