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Did you go to GenCon50 or have you seen the stuff online?

I also liked the Team Covenant demo video…TC have a nice pace and lots of ecperience ect. Like their potcasts too πŸ™‚
Also…the guys stopped the designer from veering to much of just at the right moments ^^

I am not sure about the supirior bluffing element…the demo was really small and the guessing was quite limited…so with a few more units it would be much stronger I guess. And something I wonder about…and you might have a lot of experience with now…is the guessing/bluffing in RW as strong after a few games when you know what the units can/canΒ΄t do? Or does that “wear off” after a while?

The faction “problem” is one of those points I want more info on to see where this game is heading. I could see Clone Troopers/Genoshans/Gungangs/Mandalorians (Theed Palace Guards look a lot like Imperial Guard to me ^^) ect. as lots of options…if they choose to do so. Only classic Stormtrooper vs. classic Rebel would be sad.

And with the painting…I also would not like to see entire pink stormtrooper squadrons :-)…but with battle signs,scars,tatoos,different shoulderpad/helmets,special squads (for different enviroments or special tasks) ect. there could be quite some individualizition.

I am really looking foreward to more info on this one πŸ™‚