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A summary of their latest update is roughly (translated by me)…

We shipped most of the america stuff and had really good time at Gencon while you complained about missing things, but we don’t care.

About those missing things, if you’re missing anything, contact us and we will ship the missing bits… yes I know everyone is missing the same thing, but if we do it this way, some people won’t bother and we’ll save some money.

Oh… hi there rest of the world… are you still here? Your stuff is shipping soon… honest… but don’t expect it to be complete… you’ll have to ask for missing bits too.

I’m exhausted after typing all that and need a rest. It’s very friday night and we won’t be listening if you complain about anything for at least a week.

Well… that’s what I interpreted it as.

Not surprisingly, a lot of backers are bit cross and calling Soda Pox names…