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Well…5 armies at once is a huge amount in any game. And they still look great! I had trouble choosing back then…so I did not back at all (and regret it)…so your choice seems to be the better one 🙂

My choice to get started is Wolsung btw…I spent some time assembling my first mdf terrain…the wolsung stuff from micro art studio…and I have one faction build and primed..Ash&Oak. So after the buildings are complete (lots of stuff…2 warehouses,3 blocks of flats,some shanty houses,some walkways and lots of walls and market stands) we can play. And then I promised myself to get paint on those wolsung minis…oh boy :-% Might change my mind and try some old plasic minis first…I now I can strip minis I ruin…but I might feel more comfortable to start with minis I do not care so much…what do you think of that?!?