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@CK Lai Thanks for the link…will have a look at it.

Talking about having problems with communication…that KS was a prime example how to NOT do it. Funded…yes…but the most “unfun” and bad run KS I have been part of. Just horrible!!!

Had I not been backing their previus KS “Burnout”…which was great fun and good communication (really strange…same people….vastly different)…and asked for Escape repeatedly there…I would not have bothered to be part of that KS..which quite frankly lacked any kind of respekt towards the backers. I had to sent privat massages so that they would at least answer the few questions on that KS…and the excuses I got where unbelievable. But I felt obliged to be tru to my word to back it…but with a bad taste in my mouth..so to speak. I was really embarassed to have talked so highly about them over Burnout and seeing that KS desaster evolve. Burnout was my intro to Eden. Had not been playing that game bevore…after the Burnout KS I had near 100 minis of that range (quite a bargain on a convention sale…still a lot of stuff!) But I think I will not buy anything from them again after that experience….quite sad 🙁

Have you backed 2nd Ed.?