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I got my minis for 60% less from a clearout of the old german distributor…and the base prices where from some years ago…so minis that are now 10 where still 8. That was really great. So I got more than a little exited and went overboard…now I own ca. 100 minis 🙂

Second Reason was…I really had a hard time deciding what to take…besides the new Kahn (static poses) and the Horde (to wired for my taste) I really liked all factions. So…since the stuff was from some time back there where no minis from the newer factions (Horde,Nephelim and Dantes Angels) and non of the resculpts. Otherwise I have all the other factions and I like them all. Will take some time to play them all though 🙂

Did I mention that that was crazy? Oh boy was that crazy… ^^