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@UH I do not understand how “pretty good frequency” and “its been quite lately” fit together. Maybe I misunderstood one or the other?

@The8thPagan I am not sure I understand what you mean…the last 3 topics where started by me…so I do post 🙂
And I totally undertstand that you only comment on posts that intrest you. But it goes the other way around also…you need comments to be motivated to continue to post. If I tend to be intrested in topics no one/not many care…why post more of that? For myself? Where is the fun in that? And is this not the same for you?

@all We will see in a week or two how this goes…but my guess is that we are just a hand full of (semi-)activ people…so with other factors in each others lives…we will have some times where most of those have time and topics of interest…and there will be times with less time and intrest in topics….such as now.

How to increase this…I have no clue…I am thankfull for at least a few people that still care for a forum over facebook/twitter ect….that is not for me….so I hope that we will still keep this up for quite some time 🙂