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@The8thPagan Thanks…did not know this πŸ™‚ For the KS…this is a REAL KS…and it shows. Its not that polished publisher pre-sale KS Cmon and others do. Alkemy has been kept alive by some fans buying the remains and trying to keep it alive. Now they try to get it back in retail…and need funding for the packaging to do so. So the presentation is a bit so-so. But I think the painted minis of the Starter look really good. And for 14 minis with map,terrain,rules,scenrios,dice ect the price is reasonable. I am tempted…although I too have tons of other stuff already…I kinda find it charming πŸ™‚

@UH Thanks for the link! Over my surprise of the video I forgot to get that out properly πŸ™‚

@CK Lai Did you not cover the game on your site? Was that you? I have saved it somewhere but canΒ΄t find it anymore…could you post a link again…thx!