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There was a rather strange Q&A on a german site called Brückenkopf. I think it suffert from the fact that the italians are not that fluent in englisch…but we will see what they will do with it. Explanation: Frage means question…Antwort means answer

Frage: Are you planning to invest the several million euro/dollars required to sculpt modular plastic infantry and vehicles, tool steel molds, and launch a prepainted miniatures line? Or will this be something smaller scale, such as a skirmish game, with new infantry sculpts, and no vehicles?

Antwort: Our plan is made all new range no plastic at the moment and no prepainted

Frage: Will it at least match the aesthetics of the originals?

Antwort: Not at all, a lot of legal agreements are needed to do it as it was.
(Anmerkung: Hier gehen wir von einer falschen Formulierung aus. “Not at all” bedeutet eigentlich “überhaupt nicht”, vermutlich wollte Marco aber sagen “nicht vollständig/nicht in jedem Detail”)

The german anotation speculates that this is a hicup and that that should have been more along the lines of “not completely”.

Frage: Will all the original miniatures still be valid?

Antwort: in this step of the project no, or better, compatible but no more supported

Frage: So this will be AT-43 in name alone?

Antwort: For sure it will not be as well as it was but it will mantains things from the past edition