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AvatarUniversal Head

I don’t know anyone that would want to play the french which makes 25% of the game useless. Personally I think they should have gone more fantasy for wider appeal.

Sorry mate, I thought you were serious and had some strangely exclusive gaming friends! 🙂

Talking only about the Aus-NZ experience, but I don’t really engage in the dying gasps of what passes for NZ-Australia ‘banter’ – I’ve found it just consists, on both sides, of the same tired old unfunny jokes I’ve been hearing since I was a kid! Luckily it seems to have died out somewhat over the years, but now and again I meet some old fart who tries to resurrect an old sheep joke or rugby score dig or whatever. Yawn!

I don’t find any of it racist at all, just old-fashioned! 🙂

(Not knocking your post I hasten to add, only ruminating about old cultural jokes and divides and how, hopefully, they’re slowly dying out.)