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@Uthoroc Looking forward to see those!

Regarding the is it going in your region? My 3 stores that are around have sold 1 Basegame copy combined…and now I could get in for 59 Euro…its tempting because I like the X-wing like taktical aspect. The minis seem ok. The bases a bit annoying (any work around from you or does it go smoothly after some time?) What are your thoughts on the game atm…and maybe those of the people you play with…maybe that will tell me if I should go for it. Essen is at the door…mybe some bargains there too.

And a game mechanic question…do you know if the expansions of the units that are in the base box have other cards in them? So it would be better to get the base box and the same unit expansions…or is that neglectable? Thx in advance! đŸ™‚