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There’s not much going on locally here (but since I’m living fairly rural, it is a small tabletop scene. I’ve got one friend, who is collecting as well and another who likes to play. Nobody else at the local store has bought into it.

But overall it seems to get a little traction in Germany. A few more tournaments are being planned and they get more interest now. If I drive an our to 90 minutes I can reach a two or three localities where there is more interest and tournaments are being planned (and I will participate in those), so I’m hopeful for the long-term.

Working with the trays goes pretty smoothly after a little while. It helps that due to the squaring up you can usually just remove a unit from the table, remove the trays and put it right back next to its opponent with a minimum of fuss.

I’ve played about two dozen games now, and I still love the mechanics, the feel and the look of the game. I’m playtesting stuff (can’t tell anything about it, sorry) and that keeps me excited.

And of course the expansions contain their own cards! It’s an FFG game, what did you think? đŸ˜‰ At least you don’t have to buy out-of-faction units to get upgrades you want – all neutral upgrades are available via your own faction. You an check which cards the expansions contain on the Runewars Wiki.